AURU 2009

AURU is a wine that was born from our wish to make an outstanding wine incorporating the blending knowledge that has passed from generation to generation in the Douro, and that made possible create complete and complex wines with a very, very long ageing ability.

The first wine we bottled was the 2001 and we only bottled it again 4 more times, in 2003, 2007, 2009 and 2011.

The 2009 AURU was vinified in small open fermentation tanks in a delicate and personalized way with the purpose of getting the best our grapes offer, allowing us to extract its powerful tannins without compromising the complexity and elegance.

Very dense and concentrated, it impresses for the quality of the fruit and a multisensory complexity. It is dark in colour with an aroma where the black fruits dominate along with a fresh floral sensation and some spices. The presence in the mouth is impressive, well structured, showing its grip but never losing the balance and harmony. In the final we have the perception of its youth, but also the great capacity of ageing that will surely make us proud with the course of the years.

94 pts

93 pts

18 pts
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