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quinta dos muros

Quinta dos Muros has been a family property since the end of the XIX century. Francisco d’Araújo Mansilha who inherited Muros through his wedding made the following comment: “Those who know how to look after the wines from Muros will be convinced by analysis and comparisons that there are no better in our country.”
He was a great supporter of Port wine in the Alijó area, having written several articles about the vine and the wine and was part of the social organs of the Alijó Viticultures Association.
He started a book in 1905 with the title: “How to produce wines and their treatments” (the last notes written by a shaky hand are from 1925). The book was finished by his nephew-grandson Manuel Mansilha in 1962. In the book he wrote about the problems of the vine and the wine and their treatments, revealing also precious secrets to produce good Port Wine. Secrets that should be kept within the family: "This book must be always kept as a family secret, as if strangers know about its content the family will lose great advantage, that the author gained from practical science…” 
The property was then inherited by Manuel Mansilha (nephew-grandson of Francisco Mansilha and grandfather of the actual owners).
At this magnificent estate with all its vineyards planted in socalcos (traditional walled terraces) and patamares (modern terraces), we’ve always produced Port wine that until 1974 was sold in bulk. Today is the source of our best grapes. We only have red varieties planted in a total area of vineyards of 29,57ha.
From the house of Muros we have one of the greatest views of the Douro, and we can see several other historic and well known properties.




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