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The dream of Eugénio Branco, owner of Quinta do Portal, has become reality with the offer of an architectural master piece to the Douro Valley.

With the conclusion of the Quinta do Portal cellars, we have another remarkable and impressive project that came out from the pencil of Álvaro Siza Vieira. This is his second project related to the wine business.
A sophisticated and innovative project born in the vineyards, mixing with and transforming itself into landscape, through the metamorphosis of the materials used, like the schist and the cork, that follow the colours and the state of mind of each season of the year.

The schist and the cork are the skin of a fascinating structure, with an implantation area of 2,051.5m2 and a building area of 4,722.25m2 of concrete and steel, where the Port and Douro wines of Quinta do Portal will be slowly aged, in a temple that honours the Wine and the Time.
This new building will become a new tourist attraction for the Douro, with Visitors Centre, Auditorium and Tasting room. This is an innovative complement to the touristic offer already in place at Quinta do Portal. In fact the guest house - Casa das Pipas - has been awarded the best of Wine Tourism both in 2007 (accommodation category) and 2008 (sustainable practices category).
The “Portal” designed by Siza Vieira on the rooftop of the new building, is no more than an invitation for the discovery of the flavours and aromas of Quinta do Portal and to the wonderful kingdom of the Douro…

Quinta do Portal Cellars won the Douro Architecture Prize in 2011 and Best of Wine Tourism in Architecture and Landscapes category (Global Winner).




With these wines we have unlocked the Portal, opening it to new experiences, sensations and discoveries.

Adventure yourself!

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